TIP TAP SRL was founded in 1974 in Monte San Pietrangeli, a small city in Marche Region. During the same year, in Germany took place the Football World Cup; symbol of the game were the two mascots named Tip&Tap.
In the beginning, TIP TAP SRL produced both children and women shoes, but from 1982 it decided to focus on women shoes. In the last 20 years, through the brand DLSport the Company specialized in casual footwear, in particular sneakers.
DLSport shoes are young and confortable, made from soft and fashionable materials. TIP TAP SRL produces footwear with internal wedge heels with different heights, each shoe having a pull out insole. Thanks to a particular manufacturing, the shoes are flexible and comfy. DLSport products are completely produced in Italy, the whole manufacturing being in the area of Fermo where the Company was born and is still working.
DLSport distribution channel is organized directly and through agents. Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia and Russia are the key markets. DLSport is also starting its business in the American market.
You can find DLSport brand in several Fairs throughout the world, such as The Micam, CIFF (Denmark) e CRESCENDO EXPO (Paris).